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Setting up Security Management

In order to secure your drop, there's some options you can choose from. These are adding a whitelist, Proof of Ownership, or Captcha


A whitelist is a list of wallets that are able to access whatever it is you are adding it to (such as a Drop or Blend).

Whitelists have a name and description. When created, you can add accounts, both manually as well as importing or exporting your whitelists.


Proof of Ownership

Proof of Ownership is conceptually very similar to a whitelist, with the main difference being that any (or all) accounts that meet a specific set of criteria will be whitelisted. These criteria are:

  1. Accounts that hold:
    • At least n NFTs
    • More than n NFTs
  2. Number of NFTs for your variable
  3. An additional condition from these options:
    • NFTs from a specific collection
    • NFTs from a specific template
    • NFTs from a specific schema
    • Balance from a specific token


Now that your drop or blend is completely set up, it's time to let the world know. What better way to do so than some Banners?