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How to book a Banner

Within the creator's hub, you'll find the 'Collection Banners' button. Here is where you can advertise your collection on the NeftyBlocks platform. You"ll find a calendar that can be sorted to show a single day, four days, a week, or a month.

First things first, there's three available positions for banners: right, left, and top.


A URL is also requested. This can lead to your collection on NeftyBlocks or to an external address. If you"re not redirecting to the NeftyBlocks page, make sure to check the "Open in new tab" option.

You"ll have to provide the image that will be used (which may be different on Desktop than on Mobile). These will be previewed at the bottom of the form.

The last step is to specify the time frame during which your banner will be up. You can also choose to add any Notes if necessary.


If you want to delete your banner, keep in mind refunding will only happen if you delete the banner 48 hours before it starts.


Banners are managed by our smart contract, therefore, publicly stored on the blockchain forever and ever, do not save any private/personal data.


HoursPrice per hour
1-12800 NEFTY
12-24400 NEFTY
24+200 NEFTY


On Left and Right banners: Level 1 Stakers have a 5% discount Level 2 Stakers have a 15% discount Level 3 Stakers have a 35% discount