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Creating a Blend ‚Äč

A blend is the crafting mechanic that yields a result by combining multiple NFTs with the same or different templates. The amount of Blends that can be performed relates directly to the maximum supply of NFTs that exist with the resulting Template, which is to say, once all NFTs for a Template have been Minted, the blend offering that NFT as Result can no longer be performed.

In order to create a new Blend, you can navigate to the Blends section of the creator's hub.

The first thing you'll need is a result. This is what the end user will get after completing your Blend, and it can be multiple NFTs. When clicking 'Add result', you'll have 3 options:

  • Mint on demand NFT
  • Pre-minted
  • Empty result

A mint on demand NFT will be minted every time the Blend is completed. A pre-minted NFT will be released from the pool until there's none left there, and an empty result is just an empty result.

You can choose to have a unique result, one result from within several options, or multiple results for a single blend. The first two are easily configured through the UI simply by adding results and setting up different probabilities.


In order to set up probability, simply input the respective odds of each result, as they will be calculated against one another. If your first result has 2 odds and your second one has 3, the first result will have a 2/5 chance to be attained, while the second one will have a 3/5 chance.

To set up a blend with multiple results, you must be a Level 3 Staker and contact support on Discord, since it's not available through the UI.

After setting your result(s) up, it's time to add ingredients. Ingredients are the NFTs that are used to complete the blend. Your customers will burn these in order to get the result. You can choose to request ingredients:

  • By templates
  • By attribute values
  • By schema
  • By collection
  • Token

By templates:


When adding an ingredient by template, any NFT with that template will be usable as an ingredient.

By attribute values:


When using attribute values, any asset that has the specific attribute value you input will be usable as an ingredient. In this case, the 'cards' schema only has two values: name and img. Since img can't be used (because that would be an ingredient by template) we could specify that any two NFTs with different Templates but the same name can be used.

By schema:


If you're adding ingredients by schema, any asset from that schema will be usable as an ingredient.

By collection:


In this case, any asset from the specified collection will be usable as an ingredient.



If you want for your users to use some Token in order to Blend, that is doable by using ingredients by Token. You can specify the Token (provided it has been added to NeftyBlocks) and the amount, as well as what account will receive the income generated by the Blend.

Once you've chosen your ingredients, you'll need to set up a name and description. You can also opt to add an image as display for the blend.

You'll be able to add a start and end date, as well as secure or hide your blend, very similarly to drops.


When configuring a blend, it is also possible to define a maximum amount of uses, so the maximum amount of blends no longer depends on the result Template's max supply.


The last step to success is making sure your blend is sufficiently secured