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Install Anchor for Mac and Import WAX Test Wallet

Download & Install Anchor

  1. Navigate to and download the right version for your OS

  1. Install Anchor on your machine.

  2. After completing installation and opening Anchor click on "Setup an Account"

  1. Select a password for your wallet, you will need to enter it 2 times.
    Make sure to save it somewhere safe.

  1. Click on "Show blockchain test networks"
    Open "Select a blockchain"
    Scroll down to pick "WAX (Testnet)"

Import Wallet

  1. Once you've set up the test chain click "Import an existing Account" and then "Import Private Key".
    Make sure to copy your existing private key (active / owner).
    Paste it on the input and it will automatically start searching for the account.

  1. Select the test account from the "Accounts found to match key".
    Finish by clicking on "Import Account(s)"
    Write your Wallet password if needed to "Authorize" the action.

  1. You will see your account now in the overview.